Fair Haven Welcomes New Medical Director

Birmingham, AL – Methodist Homes of Alabama & Northwest Florida announced Tuesday that Dr. Lee Thomas Wimberly has taken on the role of Medical Director at Fair Haven, Birmingham’s largest continuing care retirement community. Dr. Wimberly and his team oversee the day-to-day medical needs of patients at Fair Haven’s 42-suite rehabilitation center and up to 214 other long-term care residents on the campus.

Dr. Wimberly has spent almost the entirety of his life, schooling, and career in the Birmingham area. He graduated from Huffman High School, attended Samford University, went to medical school at UAB, and spent his residency in internal medicine at Princeton and at what used to be Baptist Montclair.

A hospitalist for 20 years, Dr. Wimberly brings with him the backing of his hospitalist practice, Eastern Hospital Medicine, which employs two additional doctors and a large team of nurse practitioners. Four years ago, Dr. Wimberly brought his practice into the world of long-term care.

“It was a natural transition for me,” said Dr. Wimberly. “The patients we care for in our hospital practice are a largely geriatric population.”

Dr. Wimberly expressed excitement about bringing his practice to Fair Haven. “I am a Christian and I knew that Fair Haven had a faith affiliation,” he explained. “As a person of faith, I feel like the care that I give to my patients is a ministry. Faith is a guiding principle of my practice. I consider it to be a great honor to serve them and care for them.”

The medical care at Fair Haven also includes two experienced nurse practitioners from Dr. Wimberly’s team, Rebecca Mattson and Kenya Powell, covering residents 7 days a week. Other nurse practitioners are on campus as needed for additional support. Eastern Hospital Medicine also provides a certified nurse practitioner to answer the phone at night, a 24-hour staff available for whatever needs arise.

“At least one of the nurse practitioners is on campus every day,” Dr. Wimberly noted. “The nurse practitioners get to know the residents well and can recognize a change in condition. This consistency helps builds relationship, and residents can know what to expect.”

Dr. Wimberly’s love and care of the elderly also extends into his personal life. He counts himself fortunate to have known all four of his grandparents well into his adulthood.  “They were heroes to me and precious to me,” Dr. Wimberly beamed. “They were an inspiration, and definitely taught me to respect and cherish the elderly.”

An amateur photographer, Dr. Wimberly took the attached photograph of his family: his wife of 24 years, Missi, and their five children, Noah, Ivey, Emma, Abby, and John Lee.

Fair Haven, a Methodist Homes of Alabama & Northwest Florida retirement community, is located in Birmingham, Alabama, and offers seniors a full spectrum of housing and care options, including 259 nursing beds, making it the largest continuing care retirement community in Birmingham.

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