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The Independent Living Decision: “I’m Not Ready”

Often, in fact every day several times a day, the Lifestyle Specialist at Fair Haven in Birmingham, AL, hears, “I’m not ready!”

Lifestyle Specialist Ardell Fleeson helps seniors in Birmingham discover why Independent Living is a marvelous alternative to life alone in your home.

“Isolation is the enemy for older adults,” said Ardell. “My job is to unpack the reasons why people tell me ‘I’m not ready.’ It can mean so many different things. I want to guide people through this important life decision by uncovering the real facts of the discussion.”

Ardell recently attended a webinar, featuring Steve Gurney the founder/publisher of Positive Aging Sourcebook, that emphasized 7 key reasons why seniors say “I’m Not Ready” when discussing a move to a senior living community.

I’m not ready … because of…

#1 Age segregation. I’m NOT OLD!

The average age for moving into Independent Living across the United States is 82 for men and 79 for women. We have many Independent Living Residents at Fair Haven who are in this range, many younger, and many older. A realistic view of how old you are is a key to your mental health.

#2 Stigma. I don’t want people to know that my address is a Senior Living Community.

Fair Haven is a LUXURIOUS environment, a very fine address in Birmingham. Your cognoscente friends will know what an elegant place you moved into.

#3 Pricing. I cannot afford Fair Haven.

A characteristic of the Greatest Generation is that you are preserving your assets for your children. In fact, all that saving all those years – congratulations! – is for times like these, to cover the shortfall between outgo and income. An Independent Living apartment at Fair Haven is more affordable than you might think, and includes many things you are now paying extra for: lawn care, home maintenance, housekeeping, activities, and food!

#4 Previous experience. Long ago, my aunt had a bad experience at one of those places.

Since the late 90’s, with the dramatic rise of Senior Living communities to accommodate the dramatic rise of Boomers, full-spectrum communities are a new and different way of life.

#5 Change. I don’t like change!

Fair Haven can refer you to experts who help with those daunting downsizing decisions and your move. Don’t let “stuff” keep you away from great food, fun times, and lovely friends.

#6 My family. My adult children do not agree.

Call Ardell to tell her your situation. She is an expert in family systems psychology and can perhaps suggest wordsmithing and actions (or absence of action) that may help get your adult children unstuck.

#7 More research. I don’t have enough data yet.

Birmingham has a wide range of excellent offerings for senior adults. Call Ardell to get a list of all the options in town; the list will ably inform your search. Do lots of research and then put it all away; let your mind process your findings for several months, then re-visit your top three. Fair Haven will be in the mix!

IF ANY OF THESE REASONS APPLY TO YOU, please identify them and call Ardell for a virtual or an in-person tour – 205-880-1942! You are in charge of this very important decision, and Ardell will welcome your questions!

For more information about life at Fair Haven, including details on our how to make Fair Haven your new home, contact Lifestyle Specialist Ardell Fleeson at 205-880-1942, or send an email to her at AFleeson@fairhavenbirmingham.org.


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