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Image of Anna Warner holding fall flowers in the shape of the letter A

Meet Anna Warner - Fair Haven Life Enrichment Coordinator

Fair Haven is proud to welcome Anna Warner as its new Life Enrichment Coordinator. Anna grew up in Leeds, AL, and earned a Degree in Music Education from the University of Alabama at Birmingham. She spent three years teaching children, but her passion has always been for older adults.

“I have always been friends with older people,” said Anna. “Coming to Fair Haven, I can have all the things I love about teaching, but with the maturity of older adults. Adults interact on a different level, and I feel that I can make a contribution during an important time in their lives.”

Anna hopes that her work will inspire confidence in people that their move to Fair Haven was the right decision.

“Fair Haven is a loving community where people are cared for and safe. Life isn’t over. It’s just a new stage,” Anna explained. “I want to be someone who can engage the elderly in living. Their lives are still advancing. No matter the age, we have things to do and things to learn.”

Anna lives with two cats, Mango and Bergamot, and is engaged to a local named Marcus. She sings with a choir on EWTN and in her church choir at Southside Baptist Church in Five Points. Other interests include going to concerts, performing music, biking, collecting records, crafting, embroidering, playing board games, taking care of her plants, and being outside.


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