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Four Hidden Benefits of Assisted Living

We’re revealing four ‘hidden’ benefits of assisted living that older adults and their families should be pleased to learn about! Aside from being close to medical assistance if needed, there are some not-so-obvious benefits to choosing an assisted living lifestyle, like the Birmingham assisted living found at Fair Haven.
One of the most important, though least discussed, benefits of assisted living is that family members can trade in their primary caregiver hat and go back to being family. Since their loved one’s basic health needs are being met, there’s more time for family to, well… just be family.
Most older adults are living on fixed income, and the fixed expenses of an assisted living community with all-in-one pricing can take the pressure off of budget planning. No more unexpected repairs. It’s much easier to plan for the level cost of an assisted living community than to plan for the costly surprises that often come with maintaining a home.

Forming friendships is a lifelong activity. Friendship bonds are not reserved for children! Most residents of assisted living communities find that they bond well with other residents and enjoy making new friends. They often have common interests and face similar challenges. 
Getting dressed for church or cleaning house may seem simple, but these can be complex tasks for older adults, requiring much more planning and forethought due to physical limitations. Even preparing a meal can be exhausting, and it’s not uncommon to find them  skipping meals. Making lunch may no longer seem worth the effort. Residents of assisted living communities always have helping hands nearby for small day-to-day tasks, and most communities include three meals a day, light housekeeping, and activities in their assisted living apartment package!
If you’re ready to find out if assisted living in Birmingham is right for you or a loved one, contact us today! We will be happy to give you a tour of our community and lovely assisted living apartments. And it may be more affordable than you think! When you add up all the expenses of maintaining a home and compare your costs to the all-inclusive pricing at a senior living assisted living community like Fair Haven, you may be surprised at the results. Get out your calculator and run through this WORKSHEET (Printable PDF).


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