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Mary Guthrie is seated among her paintings displayed around her

Pensacola Senior Living Artist Among Us: Marian Guthrie

Pensacola is a vibrant, creative, artistic and ever changing city that loves to celebrate. With spring just around the corner, new life and creativity is abundant. Wesley Haven Villa is excited to have a couple of gifted artists among us. One of them is Marian Guthrie. 

Marian grew up in Pensacola then moved away after she married, and later on returned to her hometown. Marian inherited her mother’s love of art early on and still speaks of it with love and reverence. Some of the mediums that she used in her work were oil, acrylic and watercolors. She has been featured in magazines and a local art gallery (Quayside Art Gallery). One of her paintings was purchased by Wesley Haven long before she became a resident and is displayed in our Theater room for all to enjoy.

Marion has an adopted son and has one biological daughter, and is also proud of her two adult grandchildren, Caleb, a percussionist living in Georgia, and Matthew, a safety engineer living in Texas.


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