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John Griffin, E-3 Hospital Corpsman from the US Navy, in camouflage clothing and cap

Home of the Free Because of the Brave

This Memorial Day, Wesley Haven Villa remembered those who gave everything so that we can enjoy our lives and our freedom. They honored husbands, wives and children, and also those who supported and stood by them. Mr. John Griffin, E-3 Hospital Corpsman from the US Navy, gave a powerful speech and read a very moving poem to honor these heroes. May is also home to Amred Forces Day, a day set aside to recognize veteran service members.

Wesley Haven Villa proudly honored its own resident veterans:

Robert Wayne Born - Branch: Navy; Rank: Aviation Machinist Mate; Length of Service: 8 Years.
Nicholas Bunch - Branch: US Marines; Rank: Major; Length of Service: 21 Years.
Arlon Fillmore - Branch: Navy; Rank: Navy Intelligence; Length of Service: 3 Years.
James “Jim” Bledsoe Harrison, Jr. - Branch: US Marine Corp; Rank: Major USMC, Pilot & LSO; Length of Service: 22 Years.
Dennis Resor - Branch: Army; Rank: E5 Sargent; Length of Service: 3 Years.
Duane C. Rouser - Branch: Army; Rank: Private First Class; Length of Service: 2 Years.
Frances E. Slim - Branch: Her Majesty’s Royal Marines; Rank: Sargent Major; Length of Service 23.5 Years.

And an honored veteran who passed away on July 3, 2023: Carl Williams - Branch: Navy; Rank: Lt. Commander; Length of Service: 20 Years. Administrator Tess Helton said of Carl, “He had such an amazing life. All I can think of is now he is doing exactly what he loves... He is flying. He’s flying with angels and he always said being in the sky in a plane was his happiest place.” 

Table display of pictures of armed service members who live at Wesley Haven Villa, flanked by ribbons that say Home of the Free and Because of the Brave


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