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More Bang For Your Buck at Senior Living Panama City

Senior living in Panama City may be more affordable than you think. One of the things that may hold seniors back from considering a retirement community as a viable option is the apparent cost. However, a careful comparison of the actual cost of continuing to live in a home or apartment versus choosing a senior living community like Mathison Retirement Community will typically demonstrate that there is much more bang for your buck in senior living. Get out your calculator and let’s compare!

The first thing in your calculator is the monthly cost of your current mortgage or rent, including insurance and real estate taxes or rental insurance. Next we need to add in the cost of the monthly electric bill, water/sewer bill, and/or gas bill. Next, add in your television bill and subtract $35.00. ($35.00 is what Mathison residents pay for cable monthly as of 3/1/23). Now add in the cost of your typical monthly grocery bill, as well as the cost of the gasoline to make those trips. Next let’s take some typical annual costs and come up with a monthly figure to represent them. Some of those may include homeowner’s association fees, lawn care, termite bond, home repairs, appliance maintenance, and your entertainment and leisure activities expenses. 

Now that you’ve got a baseline hard-dollar figure to look at, does the retirement community’s all-inclusive monthly rate begin to seem more achievable? But we’re not done. 

Next let’s take a look at some of the added benefits that a retirement community can provide, which are much more difficult to put in dollars but add significant value nevertheless. Life at Mathison includes a full calendar of activities, a swimming pool, gift shop, in-house chapel & worship services, and a car & bus with a driver for chauffeuring residents. Keep in mind that someone else is mowing the lawn, preparing your meals and cleaning up afteward, doing the gardening, vacuuming the hallways, doing the seasonal decorating, dusting the furniture, and putting away the games. What kind of price can you put on freeing up your time? Plus, the friendly, helping hands of staff members are nearby when needed.

Insiders in senior living hear it all the time from their residents: “I wish I had moved here sooner.” If you’re age 62 and above and living anywhere near the Panama City, Florida area, give us a call or use our contact form and come see for yourself the value of senior living in Panama City. 


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