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Adult daughter worried because senior parent is not answering the phone.

When Is The Right Time To Consider Assisted Living For An Aging Parent

Adult children are often years away from retirement, and so many are still working full time while fulfilling the responsibilities for their own family, making it difficult to meet the needs of an aging parent also. Overseeing the care of an aging parent can sometimes be overwhelming.
Consider this true story from a family whose parent now lives at Wesley Place on Honeysuckle: An adult daughter who lives out of state from her elderly father explained, “I had to hire help to come in daily and make sure that he had meals, and I was down there about every 4 weeks. The help that I had just wasn’t enough. He was not eating, losing weight and he ended up at the hospital.”
“There was a point when we were really worried,” the daughter continued. “He was so depressed and that was bad. He was not getting out of bed, and he wasn’t eating, but he would tell you he was fine.”
Does any of this sound familiar? Perhaps you’ve begun to ask questions, such as:

  1. Is Mom taking medications correctly?

  2. Is Dad eating properly to ensure optimum health?

  3. Have you noticed Mom depending more upon neighbors and friends for errands and upkeep of their home and yard?

  4. Does Dad spend most of each week utterly alone?

  5. Does Mom say she’s fine, but you suspect she may not want to worry you?


These may be signs that that your parent is ready to consider assisted living care. The daughter in the story above decided that an assisted living community would better be able to oversee her father’s needs and provide her some much-needed freedom from anxiety.

“Someone is there that I can call and tell Dad to charge his phone, or to turn it back on. I can find out if everything is really ok. He has health issues, so he has to be monitored. Just knowing that he’s getting the right medicines, eating right, that they are weighing him, and I can talk to the nursing staff. He’s much happier than he was. He feels comfortable.”
The pandemic has drastically altered routines and reduced opportunities for socialization that so many seniors rely upon: attending church regularly, visiting senior centers where they are ensured a well-balanced meal, and even simple outings such as eating out with friends and grocery shopping. An assisted living community can help aging adults by providing nutritious meals, assistance with taking medications and routine activities of daily life, socialization and activities, opportunities for spiritual growth, safety and more.
You are not alone in your quest to balance the responsibilities of family life with the responsibilities of an aging parent that wants to live independently. An assisted living community can ensure that your parent is close to the care and supervision they may need, but also able to live at their highest level of self-potential.

If you live anywhere near Dothan, AL, you owe it to yourself to call us and take a tour of the model apartment at Wesley Place on Honeysuckle. Our number is 334-778-7245.  We would love to show you how Wesley Place provides just the right balance of independence and support.


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