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Female therapist helping senior adult male with barbel weights for strengthening exercises

The Win-Win of Therapy At Home for Assisted Living

Assisted living residents at Dothan's Wesley Place on Honeysuckle can now receive personalized therapy in their very own apartment! In September of 2020, Wesley Place partnered with Therapy Management Corporation (TMC) to manage the physical, occupational and speech therapy needs at The Rehab Inn, an innovative short-term stay rehabilitation center on the Wesley Place campus. TMC’s new Therapy At Home program brings therapy interventions to residents in assisted living and memory care at the first sign of possible decline so that residents can maintain their highest level of independence for as long as possible.  

It works like this: Nurses or other personnel may notice a small change in a resident’s mobility, physicality or cognitive function. A physician’s order is sought to refer the resident to TMC’s Therapy At Home program, assuming that no nursing intervention is needed. The fully-equipped mobile outpatient therapy can then be experienced in the comfort of one’s assisted living or specialty care assisted living (SCALF) apartment at Wesley Place on Honeysuckle. It’s a cost-effective way to deliver short-term therapy to regain safe function and fix small issues before they become big problems.

“We want to give them a little tune-up if we notice they might be declining a little bit,” said Stephanie Woods, TMC’s therapy navigator at Wesley Place on Honeysuckle. “They don’t have to leave their home. No driver’s license, no problem.”

The Therapy At Home program is more convenient and cost-effective than transporting out to therapy appointments. Additionally, therapists can tailor the recovery plan to the resident’s daily lifestyle and living environment. That’s a win for the resident and a win for TMC.

“Our goal is to make sure they are safe with their mobility, balance and endurance,” Stephanie commented. “We want them to be strong physically. We also offer speech therapy and help with swallowing issues, memory, cognitive issues, and safety issues. The program covers a full gambit of wellness for everybody.”

If you would like to know more about TMC’s Therapy At Home services, or if you or your loved one is ready to consider the benefits of a retirement community lifestyle, give us a call.


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