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Assisted living bedroom photo

A Tour of Assisted Living And Its Benefits

Assisted Living ApartmentWondering what it’s like to live in assisted living? We’re taking you on a photographic tour inside the model apartment and some of the common rooms at Wesley Place on Honeysuckle, assisted living in Dothan, Alabama, as we list for you some of the benefits of choosing to live in a retirement community like Wesley Place. It can be more affordable than you think, and you owe it to yourself to consider the option.

Social Interaction

Assisted Living Private BathFriends, friends, friends. As we age it gets physically difficult to get together with friends. Our own health condition or theirs may make it impractical to visit each other’s homes on a whim to play a game, or to chat about kids and grandkids. In a retirement community setting, you don’t have to dress up or drive somewhere to meet up with your friends.

Being Independent

Assisted Living Activity/Game Room

You love your daughter, but you don’t want to live with her…again. You raised her to be independent and you’re still an independent person with your own schedule and lifestyle. Choosing the right senior living community should be a win-win for both of you.

Group Activities

Elvis Impersonator Enjoy a little game of solitaire? Have a knitting project going for your fifth grandchild? These pleasures are portable. But when was the last time an Elvis impersonator rocked his hips in your home to entertain you and your friends? When was the last time a local child-prodigy pianist gave a concert in your living room? Group activities and entertainment happen often in senior living communities, with many opportunities for special moments and new stories to share.

Mealtime Relief

Common Living Room

People who live in an assisted living community no longer have to worry about food preparation. No more worries what to cook, doing the dishes, or grocery shopping. At a retirement community you can choose from a menu of items, and who says you can’t start with dessert!

Close to Care

Assisted Living Common Room

Let’s face it. We can’t do all of the things we used to be able to do. Maybe we want someone close by who can keep up with the pill regimen, or help us get that vase down from the top shelf, but we don’t need them to live with us. Just someone to help now and again with some everyday stuff. Assisted living can give you that. And if you choose a community like Wesley Place on Honeysuckle, should your health needs become more complex there are multiple levels of care all on the same campus.

Bring Your Pet

Assisted Living Dining Room

It’s not true of all assisted living communities, but it certainly is true at Wesley Place on Honeysuckle! Small pets are welcome. Naturally, there’s a pet fee, like with any other apartment. It’s just a safety net in case Fido tries to bury his bone in the carpet, or Fifi slides down the bedroom door with her claws extended. (Which, of course, YOUR Fido and Fifi would never do. Of course.)

There are many other benefits to living in an assisted living community, it really can be more affordable than you think. Do your research, visit several communities to get a feel for the atmosphere and culture, and sit down with someone at the senior living community to talk about finances. You might be surprised how far your dollar will go at the right senior living community compared to all the expenses and hassles of maintaining a house. And if you’re anywhere near Dothan, Alabama, be sure to put Wesley Place on Honeysuckle on your must-see list!


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