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5 Signs Your Parent May Need Memory Care

Everyone has trouble remembering things from time to time, but when memory loss begins to disrupt your parent’s or loved one’s daily life, it may be time to consider Memory Care.

Memory Care is a level of senior health care that specifically caters to people who struggle with memory related illnesses such as Dementia and Alzheimer’s. Residents of Memory Care have the assistance of 24/7 on site staff specially trained to care for those with memory loss. Residents enjoy regular meals, housekeeping, wellness programs, activities and events, and medication management.

But how do you know that your parent may need the support provided by Memory Care? Below are the top 5 signs to look for:

1.) Difficulty Communicating

Does your parent have trouble speaking, or become confused easily during conversation? Take notice if your parent has developed new difficulties with writing, speaking, or communicating their needs, wants, feelings, or ideas. They may become frustrated with their inability to communicate effectively, and may be quick to blame others for misunderstandings.

2.) Having Trouble with Familiar Tasks

Let’s say your dad is known for his perfect lasagna recipe. He has made it regularly since you were a kid, and has never once referred to the recipe card. But this time he forgot a major ingredient he’s never missed before. Perhaps your parent got lost while driving to a familiar place or missed a regular appointment. Having trouble with familiar tasks and activities is another sign that your parent may need Memory Care.

3.) Difficulty Planning or Problem Solving

Does your parent have difficulty making plans, scheduling trips or appointments, or maintaining their personal schedule? This may demonstrate that he or she has lost important problem solving. Pay attention if your parent needs extra help when it comes to planning trips, or finding solutions to regular, day-to-day issues.

4.) Change in Personality

Personality change, anxiety, depression, and withdrawal from work or social activities may be a sign of decreasing memory ability. You know your parent’s personality well, including their interests and typical moods. If they don’t seem like their usual self, it may be a sign of memory loss.

5.) Poor Judgment

Have you begun to worry about leaving your parent unattended? Dementia and Alzheimer’s can lead to a loss of judgment skills, and ultimately leave them in a dangerous situation. Memory Care may be a good fit for your parent to keep them safe and to relieve you of your constant worries.


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